Hey guys! Today am going to post the guitar chords that I use to play Price tag by Jessie J. I am also putting up pictures of how to play the chords (for beginners).

Chords for the song are – G D Eminor C
The whole song is played in the same order. You can use different strumming pattern for the chorus and the verses so that it sounds a little better. Otherwise it can get boring playing the same thing over and over again for the whole song.

Strumming Pattern – DDD DUUD DD (for verse)
D D DU UD D DU (for chorus)
These are both just veriations of one strumming pattern. You can create as many variations you want with one pattern. So be creative! Plus, strumming is something that comes naturally. The moment you hear the song and you know the chords, your hands will automatically start strumming new patterns every time (atleast mine does).
Hope you enjoy the song! Any questions, please ask! 🙂