Windows XP to Windows 7

Tired and fed up of the old Windows XP processor, I decided to try something new. Initially, the plan was to do a clean install of one of the latest Windows version – Windows 7/Vista/8.
But all I had to do was type in 3 words in google to get a million other options. I should’ve known better. Nothing like google to give you pages and pages of results for even the teeniest bit of information you are seeking. Now I had many more options. And with those many more options came , confusion!
Finally after hours and hours of research, I narrowed it down to Linux Mint , Linux Ubuntu and Windows7. Then came the part of pros and cons for each one. Linux looked classic but so did Windows. Linux has many new softwares which sounded pretty exciting. But windows had the familiar ones. Believe me this was confusion in its most irritating and entangling form! Spinning a big sticky web in my brain.I had never ever debated soo much on any topic before!!
When there are few options, there is less of confusion. So I decided to just go ahead with windows 7. I went and downloaded it from piratebay. But unfortunately the trouble for me didnt stop there. That copy did not work! I had to downloaded 2 more copies till I finally got it to work! Oh god! This was all so exhausting but I was determined to get it done. I simply refuse to give up. Thanks to this torrent everything went perfectly –

Steps for installing windows 7
1.Download a cd/dvd burning program like Ashampoo or Nero. I used Ashampoo.
2. Burn the iso file onto the cd/dvd. Preferably use 4x or lower speed. Many people have complained of using speeds higher than 4x which has (quite often) resulted in damage to the cd or the file.
3.After burning, backup all your files onto an external hard drive or disk. I did the backup of some important files and left a few others. But anyway, it didnt delete any file. All the left out files were saved in a folder called Windows Old. But its always better to back it up, in case something goes wrong.
4.After backup , insert cd and the Win7 install file will open up. There will be 2 options – to check compatibility and Install Now. If you know your pc is compatible then click Install Now. And let the software do its job. In between you might be prompted to click a few things and make some choices. Do as you may.
5.During the extending windows file part , pc might shut down. Restart and boot from cd/dvd. The windows files will get loaded. Then you have to enter in the language and time settings.
6.Do all this and you should be good to go.
Any problems just ask.

That’s all. I had to really struggle with this. I was on the computer for 6 days continuously doing all this again and again. Thankfully the 3rd time I was lucky. So I hope you all wont have to go through a tough time.



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