Protective or Overprotective?

Ever felt this overpowering need to go punch that bully in your lil brother or sisters class? Regardless of the fact that “the bully” is a good 3-4 years younger than you and perhaps, also that a punch from you could  do some serious damage to the kid (since its not like punching someone your age where the opponent might get away with a few purple bruises and a scratch here n there.)

Ever thought that you could possibly go push somebody in a well just for hurting your bestfriend? That you would skin somebody alive for talking shit about your parents?

I have.

Among all of my character traits, protectiveness is one of the main words that you can use to describe me. While its not wrong to think all of the above things, it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that, unless you are Superman/Batman/Spiderman/Edward Cullen , you cant expect to always protect everybody (and even during the superhero’s reign some people got hurt while some died). People are bound to get into fights, they are bound to get hurt, they will fall at-least once in life, they will experience mortification in some or the other way. Nobody is perfect and so they will go though all of this. You have to let people learn from their own mistakes. Some friendships are meant to be broken (better broken than fake friendship right?), some people are meant to stay as far way from each other as  humanly possible, some things are better done/said sooner than later. And  sometimes, its better to let what is about to happen, happen.Being protective is one thing, but wanting to shield your loved ones at every step of their life is something that is not only impossible but also impractical. Everybody will get what they deserve. SO there is nothing you can do to challenge/ defeat fate (or destiny – whatever you want to call it). Of-course, mitigation is good but prevention is not, ’cause rationally speaking its just not possible.

On that note, I will end my therapeutic session here 😛 Would love to hear your views on the matter. Please do comment. 🙂



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