Piano Chords – Fireworks by Katy Perry

These are the chords that I use to play the song Fireworks by Katy Perry on my keyboard. You could probably find these chords on many of the videos posted in youtube but I jotted them down for myself so I thought why not put it up. Especially for those of you, who just want to get a basic idea about the chords and then follow their own style of playing the notes. Its not that difficult. I just took a couple of days to get it right.
So here are the main chords used (and the notes that make up the chord)
Ab : Ab-C-Eb
Bbmin : Bb-Db-F
Fmin : F-Ab-C
C# : C#-F-G#
Bmin : B-D-F#
G : G-B-D
D : D-F#-A
A : A-C#-E

Verse and Chorus
Ab | Bbmin | Fmin | C# |
The right hand plays the chords whereas the left hand plays either the first note of each chord OR 2 octaves of the first note. Each chord is played for 2 whole beats.

Bmin | G | D | A |
The same(as verse and chorus) applies for the bridge as well. The right hand plays the chord and the left hand………

Thats all for now. Good luck and enjoy this amazing song.


2 thoughts on “Piano Chords – Fireworks by Katy Perry

  1. Hey there!
    I came to check out your blog like I said I would 🙂 I really love it! I read all of your posts. I love your style of writing. Great stuff.
    I’ll totally use your chords for Firework on guitar.
    See you round!! 😀

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