Piano Chords – Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Hey everyone!
So this time, I am going to write down chords and other info about playing Jar
of Hearts by Christina Perri. I know its an old song. And I had these notes
since ages. But if you haven’t learnt to play and you want to then you can use

Chords used (and the notes to play the chords)
Cm : C-Eb-G
Ebmaj : Eb-G-Bb
Bbmaj : Bb-D-F
Fm : F-Ab-C
Abmaj : Ab-C-Eb
Abm : Ab-B-Eb
G : G-B-D
F : F-A-C

Cm | Ebmaj | Bbmaj | Fm |
Cm | Ebmaj | Bbmaj | Abm |

Fm | Fm | Cm | Bbmaj |

Ebmaj | Bbmaj | Cm | Abmaj | Abm |
Abmaj and Abm are 2 beats each whereas the first 3 chords are 4 beat each.

Cm | G | Ebmaj | F |
Abmaj | G |
The second line is played during “…and now you’re back you dont get to get
me back” 4 beats each.

Abm | Ebmaj |
3 beats each and the whole thing 3 times.

NOTE – All the chords are played with the right hand. The left hand plays the
first note of each chord.
Each chord is played for 4 beats except where I have written otherwise.



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