I love my friends. They are more precious than anything (exceptions – family). Some last a month, maybe 2-4, others last for years. When you gain and lose friends, you realize the importance that they have in your life. Some friendships are like bulletproof , fireproof glass. There ain’t a thing in the world that can cause a scratch. And I, am lucky enough to have some friends as such.

Even after being separated from them, I am confident that our friendship is one to last long! Friends come and go but there can be nobody to take your place.What are a few 1000 miles in comparison to the 5 years of close friendship? Staying in a different country is not going to have any impact on those 1825 days of laughter, secrets, hangouts, gossip and love! I will always love you people. And I miss you like hell! Friends forever! Mwah.