Current Read #1 – The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Current Read is sort of like a blog hop that I invented. Every now and then I will be posting about what I am currently reading and about how the book is so far – the pace of the story, my expectations and assumptions of what would probably happen in the future and so on. So this week I am reading a book called The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. I have reached around 120-something page. And so far its a good book, which was quite surprising, because uptill now I have found it a little difficult to actually finish a Cecelia Ahern book. Its not that I have tried all of her books (and didn’t like any) but I did read a part of A Place Called Here and I couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters. I guess the story is too slow paced for me. I was not able to find that gripping factor in APCH.

Anyhow the book is about Tamara(the main character) who comes across this diary that writes itself (yea! so awesome!! ) and what she finds out from the diary turns her whole world upside down..The characters are all really interesting. They are like never-heard-of-before kind of characters. I have read several (understatement!) books and believe me! never have I ever come across characters so bizarre (in a comical way) and totally different. I am enjoying it. Will put up the review as soon as I finish. Before I sign off – 5 cheers for the BUS OF BOOKS!! How awesome would that be??!?! To have a bus full of books (moving library) come door to door. God! *siggh* I would go CRAZYY. Stay tuned to know more about the book. Its good one – you all should try it.



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